Its good to be back!

What a whirlwind we have all gone through. The beauty industry amongst other industries has taken such a devastating hit with being left with so many uncertainties of the state our business would be left in once lockdown would eventually be eased. And here we are, OPEN and still fighting to remain as the strong small business we are!

I wanted to personally thank you all for your continued support and kind words during our closure but more so for the support you have shown since we have been open, which has only been a week and seeing so many of your faces has brought me back SO much joy!

I am back to doing what I genuinely love and its showing through my new found uplifting mood since being able to open again.

Truly thank you.

Moving forward I have a lot of exciting NEWNESS to announce to you as these plans unravel!

Im sure you are now aware that we have had a name change and colour scheme change!

And a new uniform is in the post!

Our vibe is more neutral, minimal and clinical.

Our name is more personal and soon to be more relative.

Laser will always be at the heart of our business and we will still remain the most popular laser clinic in our area, yet we are heading at a fast pace down our new avenue of aesthetics which I am extremely proud to finally be studying in after wanting to achieve this qualification for such a long time.

As you are aware we are currently at a temporary location in one of my rooms in my home whilst I decide the future for the clinic space. wherever that may be it will be no longer than 15 minutes from where we are now so please do not stress about extra journey time, this is at our forefront when deciding where to permanently be based but for now our room is perfect.

Minimal, hygienic, private, bright and comfortable. Oh and free parking as a minimum!

We have also introduced a loyalty card system meaning on your 6th stamp your receive 50% off your next treatment....your welcome and you deserve it! Just please do not loose your card!

I hope to see more of you again for your continued sessions and potential new treatments you are all going to try and I look forward to welcoming the rest of you back shortly now we are officially OPEN.

As always our available appointments can be found on our 'book now' section of our website.

I look forward to seeing your booking notifications coming in soon,

Love as always,

Georgina xo

Aesthetics by Georgina Anne

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