What to expect on Laser day!

Do I need to do anything before my first laser treatment?

If you are thinking about laser and wax or use an epilator regularly we would recommended you stop waxing/epilating 4-6 weeks before your first session to ensure your follicles are full and you have enough hair to treat. *Ensure the treatment area is free from tan - real or otherwise and lightly exfoliate approx 5 days before your first session. *Do not apply any moisturiser, cream, oil or lotion to the treatment area, Aloe Vera is the only thing we would recommend if skin is irritated from shaving. *Close shave the area the night before and not the day of treatment, because when you shave you slightly exfoliate and irritate the area so allow the extra time overnight for the skin to regenerate and make treatment more comfortable. Shaving the day of your treatment will cause your skin to feel more sensitive throughout the treatment and may limit the amount of energy we can use due to skin sensitivity.

I have never had laser hair removal and I'm nervous.

We completely understand, if you have never had laser before it is a pretty daunting experience, but there is nothing to be worried about. When we carry out your initial patch test we explain how treatment is performed and you will get a sense of how it feels. If you are experiencing any real discomfort we can adjust settings so that you have a comfortable starting point. Our main aim for your first few sessions is really to slow hair growth down and thin it out. This can be done by introducing a lower level of heat into the skin. Your first few sessions should be comfortable and you should feel a slight/medium pinch depending on the density of your hair. We will take our time to explain what will happen and ensure you feel at ease. Our technicians are very professional and will make sure you never feel uncomfortable.

Once you are seated or lying down for the treatment, your technician will clean the area or areas that are being treated. This will be required even if you shower right before the appointment. It will help to reduce the risk of an infection.

Your technician will need to wear protective eyewear and so will you and anyone else in the room during your treatment. This will help to prevent eye damage from the bright light of the laser.

Make sure to keep the eyewear on until your technician says it’s okay to remove it.

How long should I leave between each laser hair removal session?

Again this differs from person to person but on average a 4-8 week gap initially depending on the area being treated. We would recommend every 4 weeks for the face for at least 6 sessions. This does depend on the rate of regrowth. After that we may extend the gaps in-between sessions to a 6-8 week interval or longer if necessary. We would recommend every 6 weeks on the body depending on the density of hair and regrowth pattern and again extend the gaps in-between sessions to a 8-10 week interval. Your treatment area will be continually assessed throughout your course of treatment and your technician will recommend when you should return for your next session.

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